About Us

Kids Quest Academy is established to serve the children of local and expatriate community members. Because of the fee structure, parents of the school are generally the emerging Middle Class, professionals, businessmen and women. Specifically, the following are descriptors of the community that the school serves

Emerging Middle Class

Middle class to wealthy parents. In most cases both parents work so that they can provide a high standard of living for their families.

The parents’ generally have a good understanding of the global economy and therefore understand the necessity of their children having an appropriate education that will integrate them into a future “global” economy.

The school’s parents range generally from people who have a “world” or “international” view of life and specifically education and people who wish to give quality education to their children. Many have either lived, studied and/or worked overseas – mainly in the United Kingdom.

Our Mission



At Kids Quest Academy, we seek to inculcate an inquisitive mindset on all children to help them discover their innate talent and ability. We inspire and encourage passion and confidence for them to achieve their full potential in their academic and social endeavours.



Once we discover the unique talent(s) and abilities of each pupil, we aim to nurture and stimulate a desire that would help them attain their full potential. This we would ensure by giving each pupil a consistently high quality of education in a safe, secure and friendly environment.



To allow the pupils to become well-balanced and capable to decipher right from wrong. We aim to produce respectful pupils who are determined, ready and able to deliver and promote excellence in all its ramifications.

Our Vision

To set a holistic, high educational standard in an environment where in-depth learning is inspired and promoted.”

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children at Kids Quest Academy should have ‘excellent opportunities’, be ‘safe and healthy’, ‘happy and confident’, showing ‘respect and listening’ with ‘good behaviour.

Our Core Values

A world class education system at an affordable, all-inclusive tuition package

A community of care and responsibility

Accessibility to latest ideas and developments in global education

Teaching that caters for the individual needs of the pupil.

An understanding of the partnership role of teacher and parent in education

Appreciation and tolerance

Social Morality and a high sense of ethics

Respect, etiquette and manners


A respect and understanding of differences in individuals

A high level of mutual professionalism between teacher and the parents